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OMR Sheet Printing And Scaning

Optical Mark Reader (OMR), also called “mark sensing”, is a method of scanning technology in which data is input via marks made in predefined positions on a form. OMR is a technology that detects the absence or presence of a mark. OMR software interprets the output from the scanner, and translates it into the desired ASCII output. Forms are scanned through a high speed scanner thus ensuring a large volume of data can be collected and processed in a short period of time.

Image Infosys has capacity to undertake any size of project volumes for on-site or off-site location.
Sample OMR Sheet
Organisation dealing in admission / examinations / Tests
Organisation conducting research / surveys
Educational Institute
Generating huge amount of papers
Recruitment organization
Content management organisation
Business Process Outsourcing
Dealing in OCR/ICR/OMR technologies in any form.
Data entry / processing organisation
Telecom Industry
Insurance Industry
Banking Organization
Any type of organization with structured forms

If you belong to any of the above sectors then we can reduce your manual data processing cost up to 90%

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