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Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) converts hand printed characters to their machine print (ASCII) equivalents. ICR software is based on the science of neural networks that behave like the human brain when processing information. Because ICR can handle variations in character shape, the term 'intelligent' is combined with 'character recognition' to describe handprint recognition. ICR includes the added benefit of developing a level of confidence in each character result, where confidence is defined as the ability to report on itself, making a judgment about the accuracy of its recognition. The characters that ICR considers unreliable are sent to human operators for double-checking.


ICR does not eliminate human labor but it can reduce it up to 95%.

Image Infosys has capacity to undertake any size of project volumes for on-site or off-site location.
Proven Technology for:
Organisation dealing in admission / examinations / Tests
Organisation conducting research / surveys
Educational Institute
Generating huge amount of papers
Recruitment organization
Content management organisation
Business Process Outsourcing
Dealing in OCR/ICR/OMR technologies in any form.
Data entry / processing organisation
Telecom Industry
Insurance Industry
Banking Organization
Any type of organization with structured forms

If you belong to any of the above sectors then we can reduce your data processing cost up to 70%

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